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Forest Farming Questions

Part of our free forest farming resource means having access to us, our community and our

experts who can help you navigate the many resources available. Please browse through our

Forest Farming FAQs, use our Question Form, or get in touch with one of our local service providers!

Forest Farming FAQ         Questions         Regional Resources

Check out our ABFFC Facebook Group!

It's a great place to get started if you're new, with lots of current and experienced forest farmers

from all over Appalachia! You can ask questions, post photos and learn about upcoming events

or hands-on training in your area.


Forest Farming FAQs

Browse through some Frequently Asked Questions about Forest Farming, like how to get started,

what you can grow (or is already growing in your forest), and how to get involved with your local

forest farming community!

Question Form

General Forest Farming Questions

We encourage you to participate in the forest farming community, and ask questions in our FB group! There are lots of knowledgeable forest farmers, organizations and educators from all over the Appalachians and beyond, as well as regional and online events through the year


If you would like to ask us a general question about forest farming please fill out the form below and we will respond to you as soon as possible. 

Thank you for reaching out! Someone from the ABFFC will be in touch with you soon!


Regional Experts & Technical Service Providers

Our current list of technical service providers is found below, organized by state.

Click on a state name to find service providers near you.

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