Ginseng Production for Farm Woodlands


Do you have wooded areas on your farm that you’d like to be getting more out of?

Join PASA and Shaver’s Creek Nature Center to learn how to cultivate American Ginseng, a high-value medicinal crop on your farm’s woodlands. Shaver’s Creek Plant Science Program Director Eric Burkhart will be sharing his extensive knowledge of ginseng and his research into its cultivation.
Topics will include, identification, proper growing conditions, propagation, and management.
Registration will be open from 8/11/2017 to 10/13/2017 at noon.
$25 Members
$35 Non-members
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Speaker info:

Eric Burkhart provides landscape and forest management leadership at Shaver’s Creek and teaches courses for the School of Forest Resources on tree and shrub identification, nonnative invasive plants, and herbaceous forest plants. Eric also conducts research on native plants of economic and conservation importance, such as American ginseng and goldenseal, and offers practical guidance in forest farming, through related workshops and publications.

His expertise includes:
(1) identification of Pennsylvania plants, shrubs, trees, and vines
 (2) native plant horticulture and plant husbandry
 (3) economic and folk uses of plants in Pennsylvania and the region
 (4) plant conservation and management policy
 (5) nonnative, invasive plant identification and management
 (6) temperate agroforestry practices (riparian forest buffers, windbreaks, forest farming)
 (7) non-timber forest products (edible/medicinal fungi and plants)