Our current list of technical service providers is found below, organized by state. Click on a state name to find service providers near you.

Name Email
Tanner Filyaw tanner@ruralaction.org
Eric Pawloski eric@oeffa.org

Name Email
Margaret Bloomquist Margaret_Bloomquist@ncsu.edu
Jeanine Davis Jeanine_Davis@ncsu.edu
James Hamilton jim_hamilton@ncsu.edu
Joshua Idassi joidassi@ncat.edu

Name Email
Erik Burkhart epb6@psu.edu
Michael Cooley narrowpassagepermaculture@gmail.com
Mark Hockley markhockley@gmail.com

Name Email
Adam Downing adowning@vt.edu
Emily Lachniet elachniet@asdevelop.org
Name Email
Bradford Cochran bcochran2@wvustateu.edu