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Forest Farming Centers & Facilities

The Appalachian Beginning Forest Farmer Coalition is housed at Virginia Tech University in Blacksburg, VA, but our partners span the length and breadth of the Appalachians (and beyond). This regional map is a list of our partners and their locations as well as facilities, training locations and places of interest to the forest farming community.

ABFFC Regional Map

Education, Training & Community Centers

Northern Centers


Shaver's Creek @ Penn State

UPS Goldenseal Sanctuary


Western Mass Food Processing Center

Commercial kitchen, plus entrepreneurial and natural products opportunities

Appalachian Center for Economic Networks

Food and business incubator (Ohio)

Athens Business Incubator

Nelsonville Business Center and Food Hub


Southern Centers

Warren Wilson College

The Yew Mountain Center


Eastern Carolina Food Ventures 

Incubator Kitchen (Warsaw, SC)

Blue Ridge Food Ventures

 – A natural product incubator – "11,000 square-foot shared use kitchen and natural products manufacturing facility". Supports product development, regulation navigation, marketing, equipment for bottling/packaging, etc. (Asheville, NC)

Piedmont Food and Ag Processing Center

 (Hillsborough, Eastern NC)

AH Herb Hub Overview & Flyer

AH Herb Hub Flyer_FINAL (002).jpg
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