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Forest Farming Video Library

Welcome to the Forest Farming Video Library! With over 180 videos, 25k subscribers from around the world, and almost 4M total views, eXtension Forest Farming and ABFFC have created this forest farming video library to educate, inspire and connect forest farmers through Appalachia and beyond!

This YouTube channel provides detailed information on forest farming basics, a variety of non-timber forest products (commonly referred to as "NTPFs"), as well as a few of the markets, products and business models surrounding these sustainably harvested forest farmed crops. 

Along with exploring this video library, we welcome you to dive into the many other forest farming resources on this website, join our online community and learn more about regional groups and partners in your area!

High Garden Tea - Behind the Tea Leaves with Joel and Leah Larabell

High Garden Tea - Behind the Tea Leaves with Joel and Leah Larabell

A business born from a passion is a concept that few people dare to dream of, but Joel and Leah Larabell, owners of High Garden Tea based in Nashville, TN, never had profit in mind when they began to share their love for tea and its medicinal qualities with their community. The road to success hasn't been easy them, especially after a tornado destroyed the tea shop they built by hand and with heart, but their genuine love for what they do and belief in the good that it effuses into the world has brought them through thick and thin. Their passion and commitment to the health of both people and planet is easy to see. It's in the 100 percent recycled, backyard compostable, hand-packaged tea bags. It's in the formulations that care for ailments from head to toe. It's the root of their business philosophy. That business philosophy led to them link up with the ABFFC, the United Plant Savers, and the ASD Herb Hub, and through these partnerships, they're able to expand without sacrificing the principles that keep them rooted in who they are. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Featuring Joel and Leah Larabell of High Garden Tea from Nashville, Tennessee. For more information about botanical business, sustainable sourcing, and forest farming, please visit These videos are a USDA funded initiative, made in collaboration with Virginia Tech University. Filmed and produced by Priya Jaishankar.
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