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Forest Farming: In Focus
A Deeper Dive
2022 Winter Webinar Series

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our 2022 winter webinar series!

While this webinar series might be over, the ABFFC and our partners are working on the next series! Please become a member, join our FB group or reach out to tell us what you think, and what kinds of forest farming topics you would like to see next!

Scroll down this page to find all webinar resources for this series!

-Pre webinar resource pdfs (101 level & basics)

-Webinar recordings

-Presentation slides

Click here to view all recorded webinars (on YouTube)!

About our 2022 Winter Webinar Series

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"Forest Farming In Focus" is a series of 5 winter webinars that are designed to be a deeper dive into forest farming species, topics and practices. 

ABFFC and our partners have joined forces to create this special webinar series for experienced forest farmers* who want to dive deeper into common non-timber forest products and expand their understanding of forest farming species and practices. 

Each webinar in this series will bring together experts in the field, experienced forest farmers, and learning resources for our topic. Together we will explore forest farming species and practices, as well as engage in discussions with experienced forest farmers with years of expertise.

*While these webinars are more in-depth than most of our beginner level website resources, we invite beginner forest farmers, and those who are less familiar with these species to review our pre webinar resources to learn about the basics prior to each event.

Saps & Syrups

"How to make money growing Goldenseal and other NTFPs"

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Jeanine Davis and Margaret Bloomquist

of North Carolina State University

Joe from "up the creek" in the

High Country of Western North Carolina

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