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Forest Farming Publications

These resources and online publications are dedicated to providing forest farming and educational materials to the public. Plant profiles are published by eXtension and detailed explanations of habitat, growing and processing according to Good Harvest Practices

and Good Manufacturing Practices, which are industry standard. 

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Forest Farming Footnotes
~ABFFC Newsletter Page~




Want to learn more

about Bloodroot?


Want to learn more

about Black Cohosh?


Pests Affecting

Shiitake Mushrooms


Steps Involved in Farming Specialty Mushrooms


Want to learn more

about Goldenseal?


Want to learn more

about False Unicorn?


Harvesting Pine Straw from a Forest

Wild Path

Forest Farming and Non-Timber Forest Products 

Root Report
Wet Autumn Leaves

RootReport at Virginia Tech

People have harvested roots, barks, foliage, fruits and mushrooms from forests for generations. Today these are meaningful traditions and sources of income for families and communities across the country. There is growing interest in cultivating NTFPs and managing forests to produce them, but there is a lack of reliable information about their markets. Our goal is to measure the scope and distribution of NTFP production and its economic impact, and make

that research available to people who work with and care about these important species. For more information, visit our website.

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