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Forest Farming

Value Added Products

This video series provides insights into various ways that non-timber forest products can be used to bring further value to the forest farmer. Forest botanical production can be taken a step further by processing different plant parts into medicines, creams, essential oils, salves, teas, and other value-added products.

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Value Added Products

Many NTFPs can be processed for wholesale with Good Harvest Practices (GHPs) and sold directly to a buyer or aggregator, or they can be used to create Value Added Products (VAPs). These VAPs can often times raise the price point in a retail setting or reach different markets where you can fetch a premium price for a specialty product.

Creating VAPs with non timber forest products can be appealing to folks who already make those kinds of products, are already home buisnesses/small buisnesses, or want to diversify what they are already doing with forest farming. 

Explore the page below to learn more about VAPs, and how they can take non timber forest products to a new level. Please be sure to explore our youtube channel, and if you have forest farming questions, you can ask them in our FB page or group, or attend an event for networking and hands-on learning. 

Join us as we go behind the scenes to show a glimpse of where these herbal concoctions can be made, how different products are created, and what the business model is for each company we interviewed. Our hope is to provide a broad view behind the herbal products industry, from growing medicinal herbs in the forest as seen in our forest farming videos, to drying and post harvest handling, to finished products that incorporate these forest botanicals.

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Essential Oils


Producers of Value Added Products

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