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Forest Farming 

Non-Timber Forest Products

The suite of non-timber forest products (NTFPs) is quite vast but is contingent upon regional

climate and forest type. These videos are meant to provide detailed information on a variety

of NTFPs, including their natural ecosystem, methods of propagation, and harvest times. 

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What are NTFPs?

Simply put, NTFPs are non-timber forest products. NTFPs are a growing category of products that are grown and harvested from the forest. Though forest farming practices sometimes require canopy control through thinning or selective cutting for health and light, in general, NTFPs are non timber species and products that grow under the trees. 


NTFPs can be sustainably harvested species like ramps (Allium tricoccum), or even stages of certain species like American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) leaf, root, or seeds. The specialized species, products and harvests are as unique as each forest and farmer. No two are exactly the same. Many of these species can then be processed for wholesale or become value added products, which increases the price point and reaches different markets.

A key tenant of forest farming is to identify, cultivate, steward and harvest these NTFPS under the forest canopy. Many NTFP species might be naturally occuring, and others might need to be introduced, and many of these crops can take many years to establish and reach harvestable size/age. However, forest farming relies on forest's unique ecology to provide the ideal habitat for many forest species that can't be grown in other ways, and can eventually become a valuable and sustainable resource for personal use and side income for the long term. 

There are a few general categories of NTFPs: edible and medicinal plants, edible and medicinal mushrooms, non-timber tree crops like nuts, fruits and tree saps and syrups, traditional crafts and decorations, seed nursery and planting stock, and others. 

Explore the page below to learn more about NTFP species and how they are the backbone of forest farming. Please be sure to explore our youtube channel, and if you have forest farming questions, you can ask them in our FB page or group, or attend an event for networking and hands-on learning. 


Forest Farming Edibles


Forest Farming Medicinals


Forest Farming Syrups


Forest Farming Seeds & Plant Stock

Othe NTFPs

Other Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs)

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Forest Farming Crafts & Decor

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