Technical Service Providers

In June 2021, the West Virginia Forest Farming Initiative, in partnership with Appalachian Beginning Forest Farming Coalition, hosted an online training for Technical Service Providers called,

Forest Farming Training for Natural Resource Professionals: Capacity for Landowner Assistance

Below are the links to the recorded sessions and pre-recorded videos that were part of the training.

Forest Farming 101: Introduction to Growing & Marketing Non-Timber Forest Products
Instructor: Tanner Filyaw*
Description: This presentation provides an introductory overview of common forest farming methods, as well as market options for producers.

Length of video: 51 minutes

Commonly Produced Forest Botanicals
Instructor: Robin Suggs**

Description: In this presentation we explore some of the more commonly produced eastern North American NTFPs used in the botanical trade. Topics include general range, site and habitat requirements along with information regarding their chief uses and markets.
Length of video: 40 minutes

Introduction to Site Assessment & Evaluation
Instructor: Tanner Filyaw*
This presentation will provide a more in depth discussion of site selection and evaluation, and compare and contrasts potential production sites using photographs and habitat characteristics. 

Length of video: 60 minutes

Site Assessment Video Tour
Instructors: Tanner Filyaw* and Robin Suggs**
Location: Yew Mountain Center
Description: This video provides an on the ground perspective of the site selection and evaluation process, including identifying and discussing site conditions as they relate to the production of forest botanicals.

Length of video: 10 minutes

Forest Farming in Practice
Instructor: Katie Commender** and Kate MacFarland~
Description: This presentation helps put forest farming into practice and content for natural resource providers. It highlights how forest farming meets the needs and interests of forest landowners, how it addresses natural resource concerns, and even hot it ties into state forestry action plans and federal cost-share programs, like NRCS's Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP).

Length of video: 35 minutes


*Tanner was with Rural Action when these videos were made. He is currently with United Plant Savers.

**Robin and Katie are with Appalachian Sustainable Development

~Kate MacFarland is with the USDA National Agroforestry Center.